Baby Steinberg and sustainable couture

The Brazilian designer, who has lived in Canada for 15 years, joins fashion and sustainability in the design of her collections to prove that creativity can transforms waste into luxury. It was in creating these unique designs that Baby saw her work recognized throughout North America. She became the only Brazilian designer represented in Canada at thToronto Fashion Week and Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), 2010.
In each collection, the designer Baby Steinberg strives to create unique designs from a wide range of materials and reprocessed fabrics that ultimately become stylish and glamorous gowns. What many people consider garbage, is for Baby the raw material to create works of art. Refuse, such as coffee filters, surgical masks, plastic bags, textile industry scraps, medicine tops, electronics, are examples of materials that are transformed.
But Baby's contribution to the fashion world goes beyond the catwalk. She has always been involved in various community projects, such as the creation of fashionable head turbans for women who have received cancer treatment chemo. She has started workshops for under-privileged children teaching them to create new objects, using the same discarded materials that will hopefully result into a source of income.


Also, in a partnership with the ONG "Tem Quem Queira", which works with inmates of the Rio de Janeiro jail system to develop a collection of bags from discarded tarps used in advertising campaigns. 


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